St Croix Update

Finally a respectable blog post. If you know me you know I rarely slow down on a vacation.

So far 4 dives with two more scheduled this afternoon off a boat. The second dive was a record for me. I dove to 124 feet. That is just 6 feet short of my recreational limit of 130 feet.

When we got to shore after boat dive 2 and 3 we went to our parking place and discovered every car on the street had been towed. I found a cop and he said that we were warned on the radio that there was an event today and all cars not moved were to be towed.

This was news to me.

We walked about a mile to the police station where we were supposed to get our car. There was a small crowd of people gathered that were equally pissed at the circumstance.

Soon we discovered the car had been towed to the other end of the island. I asked the cop to please call me a cab but was informed that cabs didn't run on Sunday afternoon and I would have to make other arrangements.

Finally two local Crucians gave us a lift to the impoundment area.

When we arrived we saw our car being blocked by a tow truck and one enormous man that could pass for a silverback lowland gorilla. He was huge and had massive hands. He was very black.

He stood there and made polite conversation while I argued with him. All the while we were talking he was husking coconuts with his bare hand and teeth. This requires unbelievable strength. Then once the coconut was husked he cracked open the nut with his bare hands. He dug out the meat and offered me a piece.

By now I had great respect for my new friend and gladly handed over $75 to free up my car.

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Rock Chef said...

Hm, most people seem to use a machette for that sort of work. Best not to argue...