A Day Off Finally!

Good News …. My injuries are healing (cuts and bruises) from vacation falls on and from boats.   

Bad News …. Cisco has stopped making the Flip Video recorder. It makes high definition video and I just bought one in January (cheap) with a $240 (expensive) water proof case to do underwater video.

Good News … I bough another Flip new in the box cheap on eBay as a back up so the case is good for a while.

And now on to my dream last night…..

I dreamt I paid an unannounced visit to The Shack (ala Phrankies house) and was welcomed as a guest.

In the back beyond the fireplace in the big field Phrankie built what I discovered was a practice baseball facility, a track and field training area, all on top of a brand new particle accelerator.

This had to be a billion dollar out lay. It was state of the art. 

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Ken said...

I too dream of unannounced visits to the Shack!