Last Dives

The last dive day was perhaps my best dives ever. I now have logged 55 dives.
We went out with a group of seasoned divers and a crew that I knew and is always safe.

The first site was called Armageddon. It I'd the ruins of the old pier destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. In about 120 feet lie a pile of the most fantastic rubble covered with coral and lots of life.

I like to start deep and slowly spiral up around the wreck.

The second dive was BK and I took the spear gun on this one because we knew LIon Fish were in the area.

At 60 feet we started seeing Lion Fish and I opened fire killing 5 and missing one.

I glanced down at my air and realized I had breathed a lot in the last few I motioned to the dive master that I needed to surface.

All ended well with me having about 100 PSI. I normally surface with 500.

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terri said...

Even though diving is not something I ever imagine I'll do, you make it sound so exciting! Glad you had a great dive on your trip. I know you were looking forward to shooting the lion fish.