Cool Beans Again

I’ve been busy as a cat covering crap on a tin roof.

First let me show you a couple a gadgets I have that are cooler than grated butter. 

This slender little thing about the size of two candy bars is my scanner/copier. It scans and picture or document and gives you the option of printing or saving or emailing or sending documents to “The Cloud” via google docs and many more options.  

I carry it with me everywhere and scan documents at client’s homes. I can the email them to the office or whatever. I love this thing. The brand is Scan Snap.

This other contraption is a wireless printer that also will act as a scan and copier and sits on my credenza. It will allow remote printing too.

So if I was to give Phfrankie the high sign he could print on my desktop from The Delta.

Cool beans huh?

I have booked my first 5 dives and two of them will allow me to be a Certified Lion Fish Eradication person. I dare say I will be the first in NC with such distinguished honors. 

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Ken said...

The first rig is VERY cool beans. That second one looks futuristic enough but very clunky in the size department.

terri said...

I have gadget envy.

Rock Chef said...

Love the scanner! Scanners are wonderful devices and now I want one of those!

Unknown said...

I just need one copy of War and Peace...just one.