Very Important News

This morning I bestowed myself with the highest honor imaginable. I declared my self Ambassador of St Croix.

Three very cool things now fall into place. 

My residence while on island will be my Embassy.

You may now refer to me as The Honorable wReggie.

And I get to have little flags on the front fender of my car while on island cause I’m a diplomat.

I will be representing the sovereign blog of wReggie.   

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Rock Chef said...

You will also have Diplomatic Immunity, meaning they can't tow your car again!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...gotta admit, the flag thing is cool.

Ken said...

This is exciting news!

terri said...

I don't think anyone could argue with this appointment, self-appointed though it may be! You are the perfect candidate for ambassador of St. Croix.