I was at the DMV on Monday getting my last divers license before I am a geezer. This one I just got is good for 8 year. 8 + 55= geezer.

I also renewed my conceal carry handgun permit just last week

So now all my documents are in order and I can drive and carry a deadly weapon that you can’t see.

One thing troubled me on both renewals. On both renewals the officer looked me in the eye and told me that if I was a sex offender that I would have to register as such and then asked me if I was a sex offender.

I’ve always tried my best but I’ll have to admit I may have offended my partner a few times in the past.

No she was looking for a convicted pervert.

No, I am not a convicted sex offender but here is the rub.

If I was a convicted murderer and served 25 years I would be free and clear. I would not have to register as a murderer living among free men.

But a sex offender serves his/her term and must register among free men forever that they committed the crime.

Isn’t the murderer as likely to murder again after sentencing as the sex offender?  Or is the sex offender is more likely to commit the crime again, why is he out of prison?

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Phfrankie Bondo said...

Either way, asking you to tell them is ridiculous.

It should all be in a database.

It would be cool if you carried a Thompson machine gun.

Ken said...

A guy can't even go to the DMV these days and not be suspected of being a pervert. Sheesh!

I'm With Stupid said...

Just look that officer right in the eye and say "Uh.. CONVICTED? No. Never convicted."