New On This Trip

For the first time ever I am traveling to St Croix without my PC. This portal of choice with all its cords, mouse, cables etc is being replaced by my iPad….one clean little gadget the size of a small clipboard with only a charging cable and ear buds.  

My iPhone will be my camera and video recorder.  It is my camera of choice now and is always at my side.

I will be able to watch movies on the plane, surf the Internet, write and read blogs and facebook, do work if necessary, sign documents, and generally do what I can do on a PC at 1/3 of the space and with 10 hours of uninterrupted and un-tethered battery life.

I even typed the last blog posting on my iPad in the waiting room of a doctors office. I love the virtual keyboard.

With me I will have all my digital music and pictures and dozens of apps that make it work. 

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Rock Chef said...

You should get a job advertising those things! That is the first thing I have read that makes me actually want one!

Ken said...

I'm tempted but I've barely even used my laptop PC.

Maybe when we go, it'll be prudent to carry the two laptops as backups and the iPad as a mobile device along with boat electronics.

terri said...

I wondered about the virtual keyboard and if it would be a suitable replacement for the real thing.