That Was Fun

Good times Saturday night. It was our first entertaining at our new deck and screen room.

We still have a lot of details and landscaping to do, but it is looking up big time. It is head and shoulders better that what I am used too.

I decided on a rotisserie chicken for supper and wanted grilled wings as an appetizer.

After I went by the dive shop I stopped by Ruth Chris Steak House which is in my office building. The reason why I stopped by Ruth Chris is... Ruth Chris has this huge hedge of rosemary and I figured it would be mighty tasty in my chicken. Heck, we are almost room mates so I figured I could take a healthy handful since we are rental brothers.

I set up my Bose box with a good play list, fired up the grills, turned on my “ocean breeze” squirrel fan, and began enjoying the evening with friends.

It was good. 

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terri said...

It sounds wonderful. I can see many more nights like this ahead for you this summer!

Ken said...

I believe a very big way!
It will be good!

Unknown said...

I certainly hope you are compensating the squirrels for their labor and not just using them as slaves.