98 days and I will be back on my favorite island. I am already dreaming about being there.

I dreamed I was there last night and I had forgotten all my dive equipment.

Today I am moving my office. Yes, it has been five years since my last move to my nice, plush, office, and it was time to resign a five year lease. For a lower monthly rate, in the same building, I get new space, more space, and a chance to throw off some clutter.

Gigi’s disc surgery is booked for December 3rd. I think we both have our head right.

In late March, we plan to take a 10 day cruise with the misses. I have never been on a cruise and didn’t particularly care for the idea. I’ve seen “cruise people” come on the island plenty of times.

This is an upscale outfit on a relatively small boat. Most cruise ships are 5,000 passengers. This one is less than 1,000.  

We’ll make 5 island stops to place I’ve never seen. I hope to dive them all.  

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Unknown said...

I'm sure you will want the moo moo for the cruise.

Ken said...

Cruise person? ewww! Be tough! You'll maybe come back a different person you know, most do.

$50 bucks, if you get a shot of you in the moo moo standing over the bow!