Slowly...Ever so Slowly

I'm coming back to life. Dive 117 was today and it was wonderful. 

Notice the dive profile how we went down 15 feet, checked our gear and checked our buddy before descending. This quarry is shallow compared to my usual dive spot. Then towards the end we hover at 15 feet again to do our safety decompression stop.  

On the bottom is an in tact railroad track with mining cars still sitting on the rails. There are lots of fish too. 

I used some very small light tanks to save the weight on my back. Also I was breathing 36% O2 air known as geezer gas. The normal air we breath is 21% O2.

Once down I was weightless and this made me grin the whole 38 minutes. 

It all went down without a hitch and I am a happy boy. 

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Ken said...

38 min? Hell I couldn't get half a hull clean in 38 min.

(I'm secretly wishing the diver guy who I'm buying the boat from leaves me a tank and regulator. Because we laughed and joked about it, but the fact is he responded when I "did" ask if he would, if we closed early)

Unknown said...

Very cool,si

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ken, I was at 2 and 1/2 atmospheres so my rate of air consumption would be twice what a rate consumption doing a shallow hull dive. You should get more than an hour if you don't get winded.

Ken said...

One atmosphere is all I really want!