4th of July Vacation Eve...

It is hot as Ned’s ass outside. It only shows 88 degrees but the humidity is thick and the air is stagnate. It feels a lot hotter.

I got a haircut after lunch and decided to knock off for the day and do some chores.

I ended up talking myself into a nap. I kept having this leaf blower wake me up and I realized about the fifth time that it was me snoring. A 45 minute nap was enough anyway.

A little yard cleanup was in order since we had that vicious storm the other night. I got out the wheelbarrow and began the clean up and sweat dripping.

After a while these little pecker gnats kept buzzing around my eyes and one landed right on my eyeball. Have you ever noticed a gnat on your bare eyeball is cold?

I got a heaping load and the yards look better.

Now I need to start packing the truck for the trip tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

A gnat in my eye annoys me so much, I've never stopped to notice it is cold. I'll check out that theory next time I get one.

Have a great vacation!