For Tomorrow, I Shall be in Paradise

No I’m not dying. At 6:09 AM I fly out of here to St Croix for a week.

Have you noticed I haven’t been blubbering daily about my excitement and anticipation?

I am damn excited. I think maybe I may, or will try a relaxing vacation.

I may not post my blog…okay, I’m feeling stress about not posting but I may give myself a bit of a sabbatical. That’s fancy talk preachers and professors use to say they may just be out of touch for a while.

I plan to spend some time on the beach with my best friend Gigi, do some research into the causes of sea glass, drink some beer with lime, and snorkel until I can’t walk.

By next Thursday I expect to have had many belly laughs, good meals with good friends, too much sun, and most likely bloated ankles.

I love my leisure and I love this island and my friends there and friends yet to be discovered there.

You guys have a wonderful weekend and week on the mainland. I’m going to be a middle aged island boy for a while.


Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time! (Maybe you could squeeze in just one or two little blog posts? At least take lots of pictures so you can show us when you get back.)

Gosh, I miss ya already!

Kuckie said...

Have fun!!! Can I just tell you how jealous I am? I've always wanted to go to St. Croix...and hearing about it from you constantly is making a visit there an absolute certainty!!!

Unknown said...

I am glad you are back to where the Wild Wreg belongs but please do not devoid (that is a word right?) us of your island adventures!

Afterall men like me must live off of these moments!

TerryC said...

Well, I'm just glad you'll be here, so I'll know what all of those other people are missing ;) !

Judy said...

Have fun! I know you will.

Ken said...

Have a great time.
When I lived in Antigua I would tell visiters you need three weeks for a Carribean vacation. The first, to get beyond the to much sun and sunburn. The second, to truly start having a good time. The third week is when you really feel the sensation, of island time.