Blue Bloods

I hate island snobs. I actually don’t hate them but they irritate me.

I go to a blue blood dentist in the blue blood side of town. It represents old Charlotte money, little sense of humor and membership to clubs I couldn’t afford or would never be invited to join. The only thing I have in common with these people maybe is the love of doilies and good wine.

The guy is a good dentist though so I keep going although I about dropped my teeth at the $180 bill today for a cleaning and x-rays.

Anyway a new woman was scrapping the old choppers and she asked if I had done any traveling this summer. I’m sure she was expecting me to go on about how poor the help is in the Hampton’s this time of year or how chilly is still is at Martha’s Vineyard.

“Well, as a matter of fact I just got back from St Croix.”

I felt smug in my expected acceptance of luxury leisure travel.

She looked at me like, poor thing.

She said, “Oh we always go to (some island I had never heard of). I went to St Croix….once….many years ago.”

You could tell she had rejected my island and she thought her island was superior.

Bitch, ho. Don’t like my fishes and friends? Hose bag.