Summer is in Full Swing

Today is my oldest Border collie’s birthday. Peaches is 12 today and she started my love affair with this quirky herding breed of canine.

My birthday was yesterday.

Peaches and I plan to celebrate together quietly at home. We both requested grilled chicken and then the meal takes a doggie turn with pig ears and Alpo. I’ll have a salad and corn on the cob with my chicken.

Today I begin preparing for our annual mandatory vacation to Jekyll Island, GA.

Before you start judging and complaining, “What? Another vacation?” realize please that this is a normally scheduled vacation that has occurred every 4th of July holiday since 1993.


Jay said...

Happy birthday to you and Peaches!

Anonymous said...

What? You're not hosting a wild party to which we're all invited? Well, Happy Birthday to both of you anyway.

Michael said...

Hey. Happy Birthday, again. We just got back from another Buck Island trip with Rich and Catherine. Little more wind and swell on the way up, so we actually sailed most of it (well, I actually sailed most of it).

When we got back we saw Pookie in the parking lot. He said he'd seen you just before you left island and needs your contact info to send you the facts on Villa Croix.