Tiny Distractions

We made it to Southport last night on the first leg on our journey to Jekyll.

We powered up the RV and settled down to a makeshift supper of wine and chicken wings from the wing place across the street.

Today I started around 6 AM packing and moving stuff to get ready to travel. I washed the RV exterior and finished up about 12:30.

One thing was irritating as hell. My hose nozzle kept trickling down my arm, down my back, and down my butt crack. I changed arms and it did the same on the other side. That water was cold and determined.

This afternoon we hope to pull out and get 150 miles or so under our belt before we drive 250 more to Jekyll Island. We have a reservation at some highway RV place near Florence, SC for tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a new spray nozzle. But I thought it was hot there! I would think cold water down the butt crack would be a nice cooling mechanism.

Have a good trip. Be safe!

Teresa said...

I was thinking to myself..."yep, that's happened to me many times..." UNTIL I read the part about the butt crack! I can't say that's happened to me...yet! I'll be looking for it now though and as soon as that cold water hits my crack...you bet I'll be thinking of Reggie! LOL!!!!

Stay cool Reg!