I Am Home…For True

Once again a great vacation goes down in the record books for my favorite Caribbean island of St Croix.

I did more hiking and snorkeling than ever this time. I had my first visits to the isolated beaches and fantastic snorkeling of Isaac’s Bay and Jack’s Bay. It is a hilly hike through the dessert to some of the beast beaches on earth. For as far as you can see there are no people or buildings.

Then I took a forested hike to the tidal pools near Carembola. The terrain could have passed for any hike in the mountains of North Carolina. Once there, we swam in the natural pools, had a picnic, and sipped rum together. Again, thanks to my wonderful friends and hosts/tour friends….I run out of adjectives, Michael and Terry.

Tree times I ate at the Pickled Greek mon. I love what Peter has done and food and atmosphere he has created all with close friends and family nearby helping out. Love you Nikki and Peter.

I enjoyed the company of my 11 year old nephew and his enthusiasm for the island. I taught him to snorkel, respect for the island, talked about the limited recourses of power and water, and taught him to care for the reefs and beaches. Several times he called me down on my own rules. Turn off the AC Uncle Reggie if you aren’t in the room, we need to save electricity.

Overall, it was one of the best trips ever. Give St Croix a visit in June. It is not crowded, the weather is in the 80’s, the water is crystal clear, and the people and food are fantastic.

Now for a few photos…

Richard on the board walk. I see Richard every trip. He is an excellent percussionist and nice guy who lives on the street. I give him a few dollars and talk to him at every opportunity. He said, “All this is yours man, enjoy.”

Gigi and Peach Pod sharing a laugh.

This is our villa from the beach.

This is me early one morning negotiating with fishermen for dibs on some lobster.

At the Montpellier Domino Club and Jungle Bar, Home of the world famous beer drinking pigs. This is a tourist spot that I have avoided, but now had an excuse to visit with my nephew.

This is a wonder woman we shared the flight down with. She is from Haiti.

Getting ready to board for Buck Island.

This is the boat moored just off our shore that several fishermen used daily.

Shopping in the market for sugar cane….like I needed sugar cane for some reason.

Playing ball at Buck Island with Troubles and Sailer. The water is so blue and clear that it looks fake.

Standing around trying to make a decision.

Cutting up with Gigi.


Nicole Gariepy said...

Sorry I missed you when you were here! It was nice to see Gigi for a little bit though.

I went to the Greek for the first time last night, it was fantastic! Pete has done a great job, and I was fortunate enough to dine with one of the women who helped tweak the menu to make it authentically Greek. That calamari is to die for!

I sold quite a bit of jewelry to the lady you sat next to on the airplane, and her travel companions. They were a lot of fun and I loved to listen to them speak, such clear French I could understand nearly every word.

Next time you are here hopefully we'll get to have a dinner together or something (preferably at the Greek!).

Liv said...

oh, peach!! she looks fab! tell her to check her email! AND really, give me all your info on St. Croix--the senor and I are thinking of a trip!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Definitely we will get together next time.

Yes she was so nice and she was with a big wedding party down there. We flew out together yesterday.

I need cards to pass out on the plane next time down. Idea...I wonder if merchants could buy TV ads on the plane? Better that watching CBS sitcoms constantly.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Will do Liv...places to go, things to do, places to shop, best rum punch, best massage, sunset, sunrise, best foods, I can go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Sounds like an amazing time was had by all, as always. The pictures are fantastic.

Now... about that video.

1) Did you say, "Good morning everyone" while holding a beer in your hand? How early does the drinking start when on vacation? (For the record, my rule is 10:00 am when on vacation.)

2)The video had me laughing! I love that you and Gigi have such fun together. But tell Gigi not to give up her day job. ;-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I am BEYOND jealous! I am so in need of some Caribbean blue waters and a coconut water rum cocktail!

Loved the videos!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri, One drinks beer on vacation ASAP however that was a diet coke.

I love that silly wife of mine.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Real Live Lesbian , you must have drifted from Jay's blog. I read you too.

Yes, take time to visit. There are many "gay friendly" places there but I find they are friendly to everyone.

Ken said...

So glad your having a great time. I love those islands!
Tell you what Reggie, next year we get a bunch of bloggers together and charter a boat down there. I'm not a stranger, to know how to have a awesome time in the islands.

Anonymous said...

aww...reggie we love you too. i was so happy to finally meet yall. it was like instant family. yall are the COOLEST! i miss yall- and hurry back! ALSO - happy birthday yesterday! :) peace and love...nikki~*