We Made It

Hello from St Croix!

Let me work from now back as the memories surface.

I am sitting by a huge bar separating the kitchen from passive living space that leads out to a big veranda that is but maybe 30 yards from the ocean.

Right now both of my ankles are slightly sprained from many hours of snorkeling. Behind me my cell phone will recover from being dropped in the ocean but it may not be the phone I once knew.

Yesterday at Buck Island, Monkey Boy, Michael and I were snorkeling when we immediately came up on a sizable nurse shark lying on the floor and just a few yards away a much larger shark was spotted of unknown type. We couldn’t see his head so it was difficult to identify.

Then I heard Michael lecturing Monkey Boy about how animals could sense fear and I sensed that something worse was in the water. Sure enough a big shark was circling nearby and a barracuda was watching us. All ended well.

The day before we snorkeled Jacks and Isaac’s Bay accessible only by foot over bramble covered hills. Not a soul or house was in sight except for the four of us.

The first day we snorkeled off the east reef ridge from Buck Island. We saw a ray about the size of a king size mattress. The ray passed below me. I looked up to see Monkey Boy flailing toward the boat and he drove over the side like a trick dolphin. He was sure the ray had it in for him.

I can’t seem to put on and reapply enough sun screen in this place. I swam with a shirt yesterday to protect my skin.


mr zig said...

If I came across a shark there would have been something else thats terrible in the water... and it woulda come from my pants!~

Anonymous said...

It sounds like paradise. I'm so glad you're having a great time. I love the descriptions of your surroundings and activities. I can almost picture being there. Someday...

Jahooni said...

of course i come back to the blog world to find you in paradise AGAIN! Dang...