Small Details....

I found my old machete in the garage just a moment ago. The next time I have checked luggage to the island I’m taking it along so I will have my own coconut opener there. I have borrowed Michaels several times.

The machete I have is dirty, a bit rusty, the blade is dull, and the handle could use maybe a few wraps of tape to strengthen it. I can clean it, sharpen it, and have a very fit coconut opener of my own.

I forget just how hot it gets here in the summer. I just finished some simple chores in the yard and I am wringing wet.

Wring is another stupid word with a silent “w” like wrench, wrangler and Wreggie.

I wish I knew someone named Ned or Nate and I would encourage them to put a “g” in front of their name like gnat.

I reserved the URL and might just make it my blog URL.

I am driving less with the fuel prices being what they are. I need some chain for my anchor. Normally I would hop in the Jeep and drive to Home Depot to get it. But I’ll pass HD on the way to work in the morning so I’ll wait until then and save $5 in fuel.

I never really knew why boaters recommended a chain on an anchor until I could see the effects first hand in the clear waters around Buck Island. So I am getting a chain and learning how to tie a proper knot so I can keep the next anchor.

I have suddenly gone from being very active on vacation to moderately active at best. I miss all the fun exercise.

Last week we were about to board a small boat and I decided to walk/swim down to the end of the pier where it is waist deep to pee. Terry noticed and announced loudly in the direction of the yacht club, “Everybody! Reggie is peeing at the end of the pier!”

There is a dingy at the waterfront in Christiansted that is always there and always makes me laugh. On the back of the boat it says, “Sit Down Shut Up.”

I ordered vinyl letters this morning saying the same thing for the back of my little boat.


Ken said...

No knots on the chain please!
Eyesplice with a thimble. Then shackle the chain to the rode.
You'll love it when you learn to do your first eyesplice, they're fun.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You got me Micky...what is an eye splice?

I was brushing up on an anchor knot.

Ken said...

On the end of a three strand line, at about six inches wrap some elec. tape around the line and unravel the end so you have three loose strands. Make a loop at the end with the solid part and then you splice those three ends "into" the rope. That gives you a loop at the end of the rope. But for chain, when making the loop you wrap it around a thimble. [made for this] [I'm going to post a pic of an eyesplice without a thimble]

Ken said...
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none said...

I'm big about consolidating trips as well. Saving gas is my new pasttime.

I like the lettering on that boat as well!

I need to put one on my car that says get off your phone idiot!

Michael said...

That's the dinghy for Big Beard's boats.

I went to, you've got to put up something temporary, anything. Right now GoDaddy's got it covered with ads and links to unrelated reggie stuff. We don't care about no other reggies