Post from a day or two ago....

We made it 150 miles late yesterday towing the RV to the racing town of Darlington, SC.

This little campground is just off I-95 and was a convenient place to stop, plug in, and go to bed.

Most of the residents here are either highway stopovers like us, or full timers living life as inexpensively as possible in a variety of travel trailers and 5th wheels. Some of the RVs look like they haven’t been moved in years.

It’s funny in a way; these full timers in their RVs are not much different than the glamorous life of live aboards in their sailboats I see at the harbors of St Croix.

I envy those folks aboard their sailboats when I am standing on shore. I would imagine their living arrangements are much less comfortable than mine in this RV. Their quarters are more cramped, electricity is less abundant to provide comforts of AC and other appliances, but I envy them just the same.

The plan calls for shoving off at 9 AM today and arriving at Jekyll Island around 3 PM this afternoon.

I’ll post this when I get connectivity.