Oh the Agony...

My next “scheduled” trip to St Croix is the first part of February. By then I am sick as hell of winter and the brief week down in the tropics gives me the needed respite both mentally and physically.

This year presents a quandary on scheduling.

Typically we like to book so that we can be there for The Super Bowl which is February 1, 2009 this season. We also like to be there for Jump Up which is the Friday before Valentines Day.

This year the two events are scheduled so far apart that one week will not encompass both events.

I have opted to be there for Jump Up and will watch the Super Bowl from home like 99.9% of the rest of you do.

I pause at making the final reservation until I see that Jump Up is actually on the 13th of February. Just because the 13th is the logical and traditional time doesn’t mean that it will actually fall on that particular Friday.

I have contacted Anna Holley at www.gotostcroix.com and she assured me that I was correct in my assumption and assures me that she would check with the powers that be because it would be like them to schedule the event another Friday.

So here I sit with my finger on the flight schedule and finger on the villa schedule with thousands of tourists’ dollars hanging on the decision of the Merchant Association of St Croix.


Unknown said...

Why don't you swing by Jacksonville on your way to St Croix and we'll check out the Super Bowl! Ha ha

Ken said...

Come on, just take two weeks!
You deserve it don't you?

Teresa said...

That's what I was thinking too...what's another week? Just go for both events...anything is possible with proper planning right?

Michael said...

Besides, you were just saying one week is no longer enough! Each trip you discover new fun things to do and places to go, plus you have to fit in all the tried and true favorites. Its way too much to fit in a week. The gods of scheduling and calendars are offering you a perfect opportunity next February to expand your vacation horizons ;)