Update from Jekyll

It has been a whirlwind vacation so far.

We got here Friday to the lovely Jekyll Island GA and met my nephew Jay Gray and his lovely bride and daughter along with my sister Etta and her husband Al.

Since then it has been boating, meals, thunderstorms of biblical proportions….then repeat boating, meals, thunderstorms of biblical proportions. Mix in some beers to taste.

Yesterday I mixed it up a bit and ate some gasoline pretzels. I’ve got to say they were awful.

Jay Gray and I bought this bag of pretzels the other day and never opened them. Somehow some fuel from my outboard got not only on the bag but in the bag.

I got out of the boat and was starving so I tore into the pretzels. I noticed they had a strong smell and tasted like 89 octane gas. Quite nasty, so I set the bag on the front seat. The whole truck smell of gasoline so I threw the bag away.

Last night raccoons took the bag out of the garbage and scattered them around. Not even a raccoon would eat the darn things.

I feel fine though and my viscosity seems better today.


Unknown said...

Oh no! That is funny about the pretzels, only because you are okj of course.

We had an outstanding time and must send many thanks to you and Gigi for being such great hosts! We were heart broken we had to leave yesterday and certainly plan to spend a lot more time up there next year.

Did you ever find out what all those cops were there for the other night?

Also if you get a chance, mention to Ronnie how great it would be they rented trailers out in case we can't afford our own by next year!

Good luck on the shrimping, I wanna see video of your new technique.

Liv said...

we'll see you Wednesday??? so excited.

oh, and can it really be just last year that said bride was just starting her bun in the oven?

Kuckie said...

That sounds nasty, Wreggie! But sounds like you and Gigi will be enjoying your summer immensely!! I want to go to Jekyll Island!

Michael said...

That sounds pretty bad, maybe you should try some waste veggie oil or biodiesel pretzels. They may not taste any better, but better for the environment. Maybe the raccoons will like them.

On a related note, I discovered a new "healthy" vacation food on our trip - California Fruit Bowl - a bowl of fruit loops provided by Embassy Suites at their complimentary guest breakfast ;)