Fece Forensics

I’m back in the RV for the week with four dogs so my thoughts turn once again to turd containment.

As good RVers we pick up after each dog does his or her business. In fact we have a code that signifies results and success of each outing with a dog.

For example I took Haley and Cedie out this morning and reported back to Gigi that Haley did a “P” and Cedie did the coveted “B”.

A “P” is the equivalent of a successful urination only while a “B” means that they both peed and do-doed making the possibility of them crapping in the RV very unlikely for the next 24 hours.

Someone (a redneck no doubt) nearby has been crapping their dog in our crapping grounds and they do not clean up afterwards.

I know my dog’s turd signature and these are turds of a strange dog. I clean it up because I don’t want to be accused of not cleaning up after my dog.

I hope to catch this turd violator.


TerryC said...

We were walking on the beach at San Juan Capistrano yesterday with Goliath. There are NO DOGS ALLOWED on this beach, but he had his little vest on and we produced his card whenever one of the many lifeguards or sheriffs approached.

Of course, right on cue, as the first lifeguard was coming toward us, Biggie squatted and pooped right in front of the guy! But I whipped out a plastic bag and scooped it up immediately.

And we were allowed to carry on....