My Pets Make me Sad Sometimes...

This could very well be Peaches last trip to Jekyll Island. The old dear girl is 12 now and her hearing, sight, and legs aren’t what they used to be.

I walked down to Clam Creek this morning to practice my net casting all by myself. A few years ago Peaches would have been at my heels. Instead she stayed back in the comfort of the RV oblivious to my leaving.

Duke cares nothing for a casual walk. He will lay down in protest after 100 yards. Cedie doesn’t have the endurance with only one back leg.

I’ll have to make Haley my new Clam Creek dog. She is willing so I’ll take her tomorrow.

While I was at Clam Creek I checked on a tiny memorial I put there for Galaxy and it was still there. There is a small dog tag screwed to a cedar tree that says, “Galaxy, My best friend, 1999-2006.” Below this tree we scattered her ashes and in that same spot the Jekyll Island Authority has erected a nice wooden bench. It is the only bench on the beach and it is in front of Galaxy’s tree. I thought that was nice.


Alyssa said...

I'm terrified about when Diesel gets old - he's so completely part of the family.

I've lost pets as a little girl - had a memorial for many a hamster, walked with my family out to our country property to bury our dog - But somehow I feel like I'll feel the loss of Diesel more.

He's still pretty young - I see a good five years at least - buy I'm dreading his old age.

Have you read "Marley and Me"? (By John Grogan) - It's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I am really struggling with my dog, Shelby's health. She is 14 and has the same issues as Peaches. It's probably near time to make a decision. She's not miserable, just has trouble getting up the steps and sleeps all the time.

I like the idea of putting up a memorial like you did for Galaxy. If we did something like that, it might help the kids deal with it a little better. Such a hard decision to have to make.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks guys. I'll take a picture tomorrow of her memorial. It was cheap, and long lasting. The bench is an extra I didn't expect.

It is tough. I know you love your dogs.

It is better to loose them at least for me if they have lived a full and long life. I hate it when they are stolen in their youth like Galaxy.

MELackey said...

Man I feel for you. I had to have one of our Chihuahuia's, Prissy, put down a little while back. We adopted Prissy and Sweetie when the lady that had them before died. Prissy was a little older, and I didn't want to like her, but the damn dog loved me and followed me everywhere. She even whined, cried, and searched for me when I wasn't home. I cried like a little girl when I had to take her for the "last trip" to the vet. Man how these pets grow onto us.

I feel for you man.

Teresa said...

They really do become part of the family. It's hard. I am fearing the day Grover is ready to "move on" because Logan is going to be devistated. He worries about it NOW and makes me promise to get him another Golden Retreiver. Ugh...