A Series of Thoughts....

I woke up in my bed this morning and I was glad. I have been traveling so much lately that I was happy to be home.

I don’t mind being places it the packing/unpacking/getting there that I don’t particularly like. I hate to wake up thinking, “Today I must gather all my stuff, compact it and move it hundreds or thousands of miles. Then I must decompress it and store it with my other stuff.”

I leave a little stuff in St Croix like snorkel gear and beach towels. That is very helpful to me to have stuff down there.

I am sure you have noticed I haven’t been pining about playing golf this year. For some reason I haven’t had the urge to play. Today I am getting out with two friends to play and I am prepared to play horribly. That’s okay….I am at least outside and the day is supposed to be perfect here weather wise.

Itunes Itouch applications have been released and I can say that a few are very nice. I wish they would make one for satellite radio though. I am using two freebies now. One is a weather application and the other is a financial one from Bloomberg.

Gigi is headed for Southport today to assist her mother while she has a medical thingy. So, old Wreggie will be batching it for a few days.

The summer is flying by. We passed the apogee of June 21 and now we are headed toward winter. Yes it is hot as forty hells now but I can feel the summer slowly dying. Today however is supposed to be in the 80’s with low humidity. Off with the Jeep top!

I locked down our reservation for our February St Croix trip. We are staying in a beautiful house on top of a hill. I even have my airline booked and paid for. This year we watch the Super Bowl at home and we are in St Croix for Valentines Day.

I wonder if Terri will make good on her wish to travel to Key West next winter. Start planning now Terri. You’ll be glad you did and you deserve the R and R.


Anonymous said...

That's right! You HAVEN'T been pining about playing golf. I had forgotten how much you used to look forward to it.

Unfortunately, I'm not planning that trip. The job situation is uncertain enough that I can't make those big plans right now. Kind of ironic since half the time I'm so busy at work I don't know which end is up.

TerryC said...

"I don’t mind being places it the packing/unpacking/getting there that I don’t particularly like."

I agree, the packing and unpacking are a pain in the butt, but worse is the cleaning of the house and yard after being gone for even as little as a week. Especially when jet-lag is involved....ugh!

Ali said...

I just figured you weren't talking about golf because the pinky had never fully healed :)

And that house is spectacular! I'm a wee bit jealous, lol.

mr zig said...

oh man - that house does look sweet!!!!

also i'm excited about the ipod software upgrade! Finally!