My Favorite Holiday is Here!

Our little home away from home.

Shanty town at its peak.

Old guy going to talk to the hot chick's boyfriend about bikes......right.

Welcome to the 4th of July at Jekyll Island, GA. The campground looks like a FEMA camp after a disastrous hurricane.

RVs of every type are in every slot available. Old people are sitting under their awnings drinking coffee and bacon and sausage smells are heavy in the air. Children are playing in the dirt streets completely safe from harm.

I have noticed this year a complete absence of mosquitoes. Jekyll is known for their world class mosquitoes but as of yet I have not even seen one of the varmints.

A few doors down a hot biker chick in her 30s is with some guy in his 50’s. Every guy my age has walked by and started a conversation hoping for a few stolen glances at his girlfriend and think, “How the hell did this old fart get this woman?” I know, I talked to the guy myself just this morning.

Yesterday I spent 6 and ½ hours on the water. I ended up shuttling Liv and her adorable jitterbugs around the St Simons Sound and took my nephew monkey boy over to Jekyll and back to St Simons Island.

Each trip I learn more and more about boating. Around these waters you cannot assume that water is deep enough to travel. There are many places here that water is only 12 inches deep but is so murky that it looks like deep water. I stick to the channels especially during low tide.


Anonymous said...

How big are the biker dude's feet? That might explain the hot chick.

(I can't believe I just typed that in your comments, but I'm making myself giggle enough not to delete it.)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You bad girl....hey, that will give me an excuse to walk by there again. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I must admit, I am jealous!

Jay said...

Happy 4th of July Reggie!

Ken said...

I miss that kind of camping.
My summers growing up were in a place like that.

No chart of the local waters Reggie? J/K

Micky--Sit Down-Shut Up

mr zig said...

makes me wanna go camping! (but with an RV... I think you've sold me on the whole RV idea... even though I used to bug you about it! hehe)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Micky, I got a chart of Hilton Head and it was helpful. I bought one of the Southport area and it was like Chinese arithmetic. I couldn't figure out dog squat. Both were expensive.

Where or whom should I purchase my charts from?

Or do they make an inexpensive GPS hand held you can see in bright sunlight that I can purchase?

Teresa said...

Happy 4th of July!! You are making me want to go camping too! We finally have a pop-up, which is a huge step up from a tent. But we have so many other vacation plans this summer that I am not sure if we'll fit in a camping session or not...I hope so!

Glad you are enjoying yourself and I know the exact smell you described at a campground in the morning!! LOVE IT!!

MELackey said...

Of course, the post of the hot chick are worthless without pictures...

Ken said...

Local fishing shops have pretty good charts good enough for some local info.
The GPS's are cheap but I don't know how much use it will "really" be to you because in a little boat, how far are you really going to venture out?
I was thinking of you while riding out a blow yesterday, check my blog.