Sometimes I amaze myself

When we got home Monday my house looked like a haunted house. We apparently had many severe thunderstorms in our 10 day absence.

Large limbs, leaves and tall grass greeted me. One tree was down and the deck looked like a general mess.

I knocked off early to get home and cut the grass, hopefully grinding leaves and small twigs as I cut.

I went down to the horses “day shed” where I store the riding mower and drove it up to the house. I noticed the mowing deck was out of level by quite a bit.

I got under deck and was amazed at how out of alignment the deck was and ascertained how I would correct this.

I went in the garage (still cluttered) and took out my tools, sized up the job and started working. Every bolt and nut was frozen.

By now another storm was working up and the humidity and frustration were making me a bit grouchy.

Maybe if I turn the mower on its side then I could get at it better. I gabbed and heaved the lawn tractor over on its side and grabbed the back tire to hold it steady when I discovered the tire was flat.

Hmm. “What a dumb ass” I concluded. I filled the tire with air and like magic the mowing deck was properly adjusted.

I gathered my tools, wiped the sweat from my face and the bloody knuckle and cut grass about 15 minutes before the sky opened up.

Sometimes it is the simple things that go wrong and I look for a complex solution.


TerryC said...

I think that all men are like that, so don't feel alone...


mr zig said...

haha that was awesome! sounds like something I woulda done! :D