Hot in July? Say it Ain't So!

One fairly common complaint I hear about Jekyll Island this time of year is that it is hot.

Just a minute…let me check my calendar…yes it the 5th of July in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is hot everywhere. It is hot in Chicago, Manitoba, New York, Raleigh; you name it except for San Diego and San Francisco. And the west coast is too damn far to go to for an RV trip of one week.

I just heard a lady say that next year she wanted to go to Kentucky where in her made up imaginary mind the weather is cool in July. Dear lady it will be hot as hell plus you’ll have the aroma of horse crap to contend with while you sip your bourbon the next 4th of July amongst the cool blades of bluegrass.

The reality is that most of us sit our spoiled butts in the air conditioned comfort of our house and car and then we are suddenly exposed to the harsh climate of earth for a week while we camp.

Yes it is hot, salty, sandy, sweaty, and my muscles are sore from all the activity. I’ll enjoy it while I can.


TerryC said...

It's wonderfully humid here and we're dripping blissfully.

People were complaining in CA about the heat, too. But it's dry, so you hardly feel it.

Ali said...


mr zig said...

yep... it is hot up here - but we LOVE it - because in just a few months we'll be back to -40

so heat, yeah - bring it on!