Golf and Scuba

I’ve had a pretty fascinating weekend thus far.

I played golf for Jesus Friday in a church fund raiser. I do this annually with my twin cousins who are a year younger than me. It is the only time I see them.

We share golf, a few beers and some laughs.

The guy I was paired with was so serious that it made the event a bit stressful. He took his game too seriously and coached us on what we did wrong.

My cousin came up to me and said,”Wreg, you have to get some water when the water girl comes around.” Huh?

Turns out that she was a smoking hot 20 year old and my cousin and I giggled like school girls.

The guy I was with said, “Hey…careful…I have a daughter that age.”

It ain’t your daughter and loosen up. We’re just two very seasoned middle aged guys having some school boy laughs. Big belly laughs are few and far between when one gets old.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours in a pool getting my scuba certification. I spent maybe and hour and 30 minutes under water.

I am much more comfortable with all the equipment and things such as a mask flooding or mouthpiece falling out while underwater.

I am also very sore today and have another 5 hours of pool time ahead of me today.


terri said...

You might have helped your golf partner lighten up by yanking that big stick out of his ass.

I hate people who can't see a fun joke for what it is... just a fun joke... not a statement about their own 20 year old daughter! :-)

Ken said...

I just came back from hours and I do mean hours of belly laughs with old friends.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...have you seen pictures of David Crosby or Jerry Garcia in scuba gear?...