One For The Ages

Okay so we went from cold snow, warm spring days, to 87 degrees yesterday in about 3 weeks.

Oh Wreg was a bit rusty on the golf course but I managed a few mighty shots and some decent recoveries. But it came down to one mighty whiff on my number 10 tee shot that caused some pain.

You see a tiny golf ball does offer some resistance when struck properly. It is the natural course of things. But when one misses the ball entirely, ones body compensates by augering into the ground in a mass of twisted back muscles and embarrassment.

Winter for me is like a long space journey. Even though I hit the gym regularly the old body has a lot of recovery to do from 6 months of relative inactivity.

But I managed a great time. I love warm weather.


Ken said...

A whiff?...Like, an air ball?

On the green? Not in a trap?

How could it possibly be...mighty?

terri said...

Me too! I love warm weather. I'm a much more pleasant person when the weather is agreeable.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It was a drive. Yes, I missed the ball.

Jay said...

If I had been there I would have yelled "BIG SWING AND A MISS!"

Cause that's what I always yelled when I was a kid and someone would whiff.

Ken said...

A drive? OK, I can see that as a mighty whiff.

I had an opening drive on the first hole in Leavenworth, WA do a 45 degree right into the club house almost nailing a couple watching from the deck. They ran away! Ha!

Anonymous said...

The sunshine is totally helping me was so rainy and dreary here for the past couple weeks.

Coffeypot said...

So you missed it...the weather is go good it doesn't matter. You were outside.