LB of Flesh Delivered

I dreamed Ludacris and I were tossing a football in a big open yard. Gigi’s mother leaned out of an open screen door and yelled,”Healthy snacks for everyone! They are blue cheese!”

I was embarrassed.

What the hell was that about?

Yesterday I delivered fruit of my labor to the Feds under threat of imprisonment. I had a good year so that made it a good year for the Feds.

Today it is golf Friday. I’m playing at a private club in Monroe, NC, home of the late senator Give ‘em Helms Jessie. Maybe old Jessie Helms played at this course.

Oh yesterday I got my Netflix player disk for the Wii. I ordered up a silly man movie and was entertained by a streaming movie for 90 minutes. All for $8.99 a month.

I didn’t have to move a muscle, go on any car rides, and not even picking up or dropping off envelops at my mailbox. This kind of defeats the purpose of a Wii but it is a nice conversion of a gadget.


Rock Chef said...

I think you should be forced to jog on a Wii Fit board to make the movie run :-)

terri said...

I have been having some vivid and strange dreams for quite a while now. I blame you and Rock Chef. You guys made me wish I would remember my dreams and now I do. Of course, I generally tend to forget them before the day is over.