Hobby Snobs

There are several activities that involve danger and technical knowledge that allow the field to become saturated with snobs.

One is equestrian, the other diving.

Horse people have their elite techniques, equipment, opinions, etc. To me they are just dangerous, below average intelligence animals that people are stupid enough to ride.

I now own three and they are my wife’s horses.

A new horse we bought yesterday is a black and white mare paint quarter horse. I am bored typing this now. However the transaction went on for 2 ½ hours yesterday while they talked excessively about every nuance of this animal.

I was looking around for some reliable bullets and a check book so this transaction could end.

Diving is hyped in knowledge of equipment and experience. Every trainer, instructor and dive shop owner is trying to up sale you anytime you walk in their store. After all one’s life is at stake in an unnatural environment and you deserve the best.
I would like my own buoyancy control vest and my own regulator. I would like a dive computer in the instrument cluster.

The price they ask and recommend would allow me to carry a Dell PC down with me. Add the other components, weights belts, hoses, etc and one is easily looking at $2,000. No thanks. I’ll rent.

I used some fins the other day that I liked and the dive shop wanted $189 plus I had to buy boots. Are you kidding?

I will study and become an expert and then buy used.


Ken said...

I guess I'd buy a used vest but I'd want a new regulator and a very good one to boot. You might be able to talk me into a dive computer but a good watch and some simple knowledge has worked for many a year.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The problem I see with the old charts vs. computer is the charts minimize dive time based on potentially false assumptions. Computers can calculate actual data on the fly. They even tell you when you can fly at low pressure. I have the charts. The reason the vest is high is I want to know exactly where everything is just by feel. I find the subtle differences annoying. I don't mind anything used as long as it has been maintained and serviced.

Rock Chef said...

A lot of hobbies involve a degree of snobbery.

Toy Soldiers - snobbery regarding brands of soldiers, paints and painting techniques...

Guitars - Gibson or Fender? I have a really peachy guitar that was made for me (see my profile photo), but these days I am an inverted snob and love then cheap and cheerful! Who needs a $3000 Gibson anyway?

Michael said...

You'll like our open water instructor down here. She doesn't work for a shop, so isn't trying to sell you anything. She's most interested in making sure her students are prepared to enjoy, and continue enjoying the sport.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I'd just buy everything at Goodwill.....