State of the Chickens Message

Today we moved the chickens from a large dog kennel to a summer home made of a chain link dog kennel.

First thing is I tried to make it varmint proof by topping the kennel with hog wire. Then I put chicken wire on the bottom portion to help deter snakes and foxes.

Then I tarped the kennel for sun and rain protection.

I made some feeders and waters from Home Depot buckets.

Strung a few branches up for perches.

This summer I'll build a connecting coop for winter and nesting boxes for eggs.

Looks like we have some diversity in the group. It appears 11 of the hens are Rhode Island Reds and one appears to be a Golden Comet.


Ken said...

Just a keep varmints from digging under the fence, lay wire mesh down flat about a foot and a half wide coming "out" from the fence. You should attach it to the fence but you can bury it a few inches too. Varmints are too dumb to back up and dig.
Looks good Wreggie, I see lots of omelette's in your future.

terri said...

Those are some seriously pampered chickens!

I'm impressed with how much you've thought this out and implemented it all. They should be very happy in their new home.

Rock Chef said...

They look very happy with their home! I like chickens. The place we camp at in the summer has them running around all over the place. Custard the dog is scared of them and pretends he can't see them.

Peach Pod said...

I can't believe how big the chicks are!

TerryC said...

You didn't know what breed they were at first? How sure are you that they're all hayens?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They are all yellow when you get them. I told you their peckers were on their face.