Spring Progress

Friday I took off for religious reasons and the market was closed so I turned to transitional spring things that must be done now.

With a bath tub full of spring chickens I decided to get on with the outdoor dog kennel chicken coop conversion. Basically I am taking a 10X10X6 chain link dog kennel and putting heavy duty wire mesh on top supported by a steel tube. This should help keep out predators like hawks and owls, foxes and coyotes.

Then, I tightly tarped the kennel/coop for rain and sun protection. Next I built a waterier and feeder using home depot buckets with lids and a round planter holder. 5 gallons of water and feed should keep grown chickens going. Finally I will need to run a tight mess addition around the skirt of this kennel for added protection.

This summer I will build warmer winter roosting facilities adjacent to the open kennel.

Instead of my usual flowers around the deck I decided on herbs instead. I planted mint for mojitos, rosemary, onion chives, and lavender. This stuff smells so good. I’ll toss in a few flowers for color.

The first alfresco event will be Easter dinner where I will prepare grilled lamb.

By sundown I was tired and sweaty and decided to sit up at the barn in the quiet and enjoy a few adult beverages. It was interesting to watch the border collies work as the horses came up for the night.

Life is good.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

...life is, in fact, good. I will be rotisserie-ing a leg of lamb...

Coffeypot said...

Just being outside on these spring days is enought to realize life is good. That and not seeing your name in the obits.

terri said...

That sounds like a fabulous and productive day.

Happy Easter!

Kuckie said...

Heck yeah, life is good! Mint for mojitos...sounds absolutely heavenly!!! Can I come over for one? :)