Stuff in My Life

Friday didn't turn out at all how I had planned. I woke up with an old man creek in my neck so severe that I had to call off golf.

I called my massage therapist and she managed to work me in. My muscles were so knotted up that it almost made me sick to have them worked out.

I'm blaming it on IRS day and the office audit last week.

My pal and business partner came back last night from 10 days in St John. He checked his laptop instead of carrying it on board and had it stolen somewhere between St Thomas and Charlotte. Fortunately he doesn't keep anything of value on his PC except maybe some old porn cookies.

Today he went out and bought a new iPad to replace his PC.

I remember 18 years ago when he bought his first PC. It ran on Windows 3.0 and had a 40 MB hard drive and 1 MB of memory. The monochrome monitor weighed 50 lbs and it was as slow as steam off a dog turd.

Today he buys something a lot cheaper and thousands of times faster all about the size of a small magazine.

It did make him mad that his age was the next to the last category when he registered it with iTunes.


TerryC said...

Wow, blogging this late in the day....highly unusual behavior.

Anyway, hope your pain in the neck is gone.

You probably have a busy week ahead of you before your next working vacation in the islands, mon.

Ken said...

You totally ruined the vision I had of you last Friday on the golf course, but that's OK, you mentioned old porn cookies, which makes up for anything that might have distorted one of my visions of you. Hope the IRS neck thing has passed.

iPad? Is that the hottest new ticket to staying up to date on the tubes?

Jay said...

I don't think I could replace my laptop with an iPad. But, I wouldn't mind having one.

Rock Chef said...

Age categories suck. When I had just turned 30 I was processing some questionnaires and the age category was 30-65. Gee, thanks!

CiCi said...

I know what you mean when you said the massaging of the neck almost made you sick because the muscles were so tight and sore. I hope your neck is better now. That is a terrible pain.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...I want an iPad! I rilly do! Steal my laptop!...

clew said...

Slow as steam off a dog turd. I gotta remember that. :}

terri said...

I wish I could write similes the way you do. "As slow as steam off a dog turd..."

God, that's good!