US Airways

I am a regular US Airways flyer for two reasons. Charlotte is a US Airways hub so the majority of direct flights to most anywhere are on US Air. Plus, I collect miles from US Air and apply them the only direct flight to St Croix every winter.

The planes are sparse, no power jacks, no movies/screens, an antiquated radio of sorts on an ancient double jack system. Basically you need to bring a book or iPod to be entertained.

One must pay for food and they always run out before they get to your seat. Bring your own food and your own bottle of water.

I have found the flight attendants are getting grouchier. We know the crew on the St Croix run and they treat us rudely. Kind of hurt my feelings last time because I thought we were family.

But alas I thought this was the general state of the airline industry. And after all it is transportation at 550 MPH and 39,000 feet.

I had the chance to fly on Continental last week and I was in for a shock. It was a brand new and unblemished 737. The seats were comfortable. I got a free breakfast…everyone got one. They had live Direct TV at each seat for $6! That included pay-per-view movies that cost me $4.99 on my Direct TV.

The crew was nice and professional. They stayed up and walked the isles for 5 hours making sure everyone was comfortable and well hydrated. They walked around with trays of water and orange juice.

This flight was a joy and I paid $156 to fly from Vegas to NJ and on the Charlotte. The Charlotte leg was equally nice.

Shame on you US Airways. I know better now.