Sport Time

I wonder if Donavan McNabb’s mama will do some new Campbell’s Chunky Soup ads since he is a Redskin and not an Eagle. God I miss NFL football. Patience, less than 4 months grasshopper.

Wreggie turns a bit snobby and Wreginald his golfer alter ego will be attending The Masters (heavenly harp music) this year. The Masters is second to none in the sporting world except maybe some screwed up soccer match between Mexico and someone, anyone else.

The grounds are perfect as will the flowers and weather. Even if it rains it is done orderly and by old and ancient rules of gentlemen.

This is when I wish I had knickers and argyle socks.

This time I will take the binoculars. There are some awesome sights to see on the other side of the green. I shall look dashing in my Masters green wind breaker along with my gigantic green and white Masters umbrella. They are calling for an orderly rain on Thursday.

And finally I shall be stripped of all electronic gadgets. Nothing…. No smart phone, dumb phone, camera, no hollow leg of good hooch. Nothing except a pair of binoculars. Dems the rules.


Ken said...

Yes, a gentleman's game of ball bashing.
It's all just so very, very slow for me.

Have fun, they're calling for a disorderly inch and a half of rain here.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

fore please...fore please...Mistah Tiger Wuds

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...and not a single word about the Game of all Games, baseball...

Ken said...

are you whispering?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I grew up in the South and baseball is something yankees in big cities up north did. People on shift work could attend a day game during the week and drink beer.

We kept our drinking hidden in the night and worked day jobs. My only exposure was to the Durham Bulls where I lived but they weren't as glamorous as the movie. It was a rat infested minor league stadium in the bad part of town.