A Day on the Road

In my business I will follow leads and instincts that force me on the road sometimes. Usually these ventures are profitable and as always self funded.

I hit the road yesterday morning and got a call on the way to Durham... made enough money on the call and subsequent trade to more than pay for my fuel, hotel and food over the next few days. That was blind luck I get my road trip financed and help out a guy.

I had lunch with my mother and sister at my mother’s home.

Then on to Knightdale where the real pay dirt is. This guy is huge and the planning is slow so maybe this will pay off next year....I am patient. We talk, I gather information, give him fresh eggs and he give me freshly shelled pecans from his farm. We agree to meet again.

The meeting didn’t go exactly as I wanted but the relationship is more solid now.

It is dark now so I decide to head toward the coast for tomorrows meeting. Tomorrows meeting would have paid for the trip if it wasn’t already so this is gravy.

Before I leave I see an email that needs attention so I pull in a Bob Evans to steal Wifi and have a cup of coffee. Oh what the hell...pumpkin pie too.

From Raleigh to Wilmigtion is like the autobahn. 75 MPH and the only thing to watch for is deer. I cover 100 miles in no time.

Then as I approach Wilmington I fire up the Priceline app on my iPhone and find the nicest hotel for the bet price. It is a Courtyard Marriot for 65 a night. Not bad at all. As a bonus it is beside a Cracker Barrel and Ruby Tuesdays making hunting and gathering an ease.

As lazy as I can be I ordered a Pizza from Dominos watch some TV and drift off for a fitful nights sleep.

Why in the hell doesn’t Dominos bring napkins on a delivery? I feel creepy using a wash cloth as a napkin.

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Ken said...

I got some knarly black walnuts I'll trade you for fresh eggs anytime.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Are they shelled?

Ken said...

No, there on the ground in the woods.

Rock Chef said...

Funny, my thought is always "why so many wipes and napkins?"

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...you said "pizza"...A SMOO is what I would have ordered: sausage, mushroon, olive and onion...oh, and I would like some fresh garlic on that, please.