Sobering News

I had one of those major adult situations yesterday...the kind when you are faced with something that is unstoppable, you don’t like it, and you have to deal with it.

My business partner’s cancer has returned and it is more aggressive than last time.

So we talked, made some short term plans, laughed a little and then some “what if” and longer term scenarios. We know this round will be a much more difficult battle.

Still all day the sobering news kept running through my mind.

I have known him for 24 years. I saw his kids grow up and have kids. I saw wife one and current wife two. He is the one who talked me into going to St Croix the first time.

Situations like this cause me to pause and take a look at life and how fragile and quick our visit here is.

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Rock Chef said...

Life is indeed very fragile.

Wishing your partner the best.

Ken said...

Cancer sucks!

terri said...

So sorry your friend and partner has to face this battle.