Jesus Hung Out With Tax Collectors

I just ran my payroll for the year end 12/31 paycheck for me (Gigi) and my one employee.

I run the business and Gigi runs the household.

For over a decade I have made a payroll for us and an employee. Never has anyone missed a check even though times have been tight during that period.

Whatever I pay I have to match Social Security or go to prison. That means social security is doubled for me and anyone I pay gets matched. Keep in mind my benefits aren’t doubled....I just have to pay double. So whatever I give in salary is 7% more and I have to come up with that.

Then I give the money to the employee but then take it away and send it to the state and feds or I go to prison. What we all have left is our paycheck.

I am a tax collector...for free. No that’s not true because I pay a payroll company to do this.

I think it would do us all well if all politicians had to sustain a payroll for an extended period.

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Phfrankie Bondo said...

May I assume that my check is in the mail?