Feast and Famine 17?? to 2010

This is the grave of my great, great, grandfather Fabious Watson Hunnicutt.

His father was a farmer named Green Hunnicutt. And his father’s father was a farmer named Henry Hunnicutt.

Fabious died a wealthy man.

He served on the Confederate side of the war and was in the Calvary. He brought his own horse and tack to the effort and was paid $15 for his contribution by the Confederate States of America.

He was captured and served the yankee army by baling hay for the Union Calvary in Virginia.

I have a copy of his signed pledge of allegiance to the United States in order for him to be a free man.

After the war he became wealthy rebuilding the ruins of the south particularly in Raleigh, NC. He built Rex Hospital and Central Prison which were both major public works projects. He built many roads and sidewalks in the Capital of NC. To this day you can still see, “Old Reliable Hunnicutt of Course” stamped in ancient concrete walk ways near the Capital building.

His son Fabious Henry Hunnicutt son took over the business and lost it all in The Great Depression. His son is buried in an unmarked grave beside him.

His son was my grand father Fabious Jefferson Hunnicutt and he was a pharmacist.

His son was my father and he was a salesman and a damn funny guy. He died too young.

Then there is me. My dad and I have the same name and I am a junior.

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Ken said...

Guess I'd say old Henry "made the cut."

...the Hunnicutt's!

Where'd ol' Henry come in from?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Best I can tell is Virginia. But sources dry up and I get lazy looking.

terri said...

Pretty cool that you know so much about your family history. I know next to nothing beyond my own grandparents.

Judy said...

Terri, his family history is mine as well and I didn't know that until now myself!! I enjoyed it Wreggie!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...this falls into the "extremely cool" category...

Judson said...

Wow ... I live in Raleigh. I need to go down to the old capital and check this out!

My own GG Grandfather, Cpl. A.B. Ellis also served in the Confederate army and was captured in 1846. I blogged a while back about his war experiences. He spent the remainder of the war as a POW and returned home where he apparently rthrived during Reconstruction andlived until 1926.

Thanks for the story.

Peachy Eclectic said...

I just happened upon this after doing a Google search for "Green Hunnicutt". My direct ancestor however is James Hunnicutt, brother of Green. I know very little about my Hunnicutt line, so I did not know Henry was a farmer or what area of NC they were from. James moved to Georgia which is where I live. Very interesting!! Totally unrelated, my step-daughter happens to be in grad school at NC State, so when I go to Raleigh, I will have to seek out the Hunnicutt references downtown! Another coincidence is my first cousin in Forsyth, Georgia is Reggie Hunnicutt! Very fun blog you have! I have visited the Caribbean several times, (mostly on cruises), however was lucky enough to spend several days on St. Kitts a few years ago. Beautiful!

Jeff Hunnicutt said...

I'm the great great great great grandson of Henry, the great great great grandson of Green, the great great grandson of Fabius Watson and the great grandson of Fabius Henry. My grandfather was Omega Foster, my father Charles Foster. I've come across something that says Henry's father was named "Wike" ? Anyone know anything about this? I'm searching for information my father. Please send me a message at hunnicuttjeff@gmial.com