Old and New is Much The Same

When I was a kid we had an old AM country radio station nearby where we could just walk in and see the teletype machines churning away. One was from Associated Press, One from United Press International and a third was a CBS radio feed.

I would read all the news and weather and sports almost live and I thought it was so cool.

So yesterday I heard an older fellow ( maybe 70) ask a young woman (maybe 23) if she used Facebook and why.

She tried to explain in her vernacular and he tried to understand in 1950’s technical terms.

So I turned to him to intervene and used some 1960’s technology to bridge the gap.

Fred, Facebook is like old fashioned teletype except everyone has one. You get news feeds from everyone you are friends with. There is no mound of paper just computer screens.

I saw the light go off for Fred and the young woman clearly was frustrated and looked at me like “whatever”.

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Ken said...

Remember saying, someday all we'll have to do is push buttons?

Then numerous buttons came to many things and it was good to just push buttons.

Now it's down to only a few buttons that you double push or hold for 2 seconds etc. etc.
It's getting tougher to push buttons now.

terri said...

Makes me wonder how we used to survive without knowing what everyone was thinking, doing and planning every second of every day.