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I was chatting with a blogger colleague yesterday and the subject of roasted chicken came up. He does some fantastic looking chicken on his out door cooking contraption. I do fantastic roast chicken on my grill. But I also do some mighty fine chicken in a roaster.

So with roasted chicken on the brain I went to the store to procure a bird and noticed that an organic whole chicken is selling for $17. I personally have 11 head of chicken so that is another $187 that will get added to my net worth statement next time I’m at the bank.

The chicken I purchased was a factory chicken for $6.44. Since it was sleeting outside I opted for the roaster in the warm in doors.

I washed the chicken and added the seven secret ingredients. I toss in the giblets cause they are so damn good. I could have saved the parts for a gizzard transplant but decided my chickens are healthy now and didn’t need any spare parts.

Then I covered the chicken and put it in a 350 oven and poured a glass of wine...for me, not the chicken.

Yes that roaster looks dirty but it’s not. It has cooked decades of chickens and those brown spots just won’t scrub out.

The waiting begins....heavenly aromas drift in the living room.

21/2 hours later and it is falling off the bone. Oh sweet Melissa!

© 2010 wReggie’s Mental Vacation. Man oh man this chicken smells good!


Ken said...

Contraptions, grills or brown spotted roasters....
dead, cooked, juicy chicken is one of my favorite snacks in the world.

Yes, I said snacks. Meals with chicken are tasty indeed, but a covered bowl filled with pulled chicken in the fridge gets a lot more attention from me throughout the week.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I learned something long ago from the mother of my children.

What she did was take the chicken, put in on a pan, and put it in the oven. Then take it out.

This chicken, with NO seasoning whatsoever, NO special treatment of any kind, NO cover...was incredibly delicious.

What say ye?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I say that is good too. Plain old missionary style chicken is always a favorite.

terri said...

Any chance you'll share the secret ingredients? We love us some chicken around here...

Jay Gray said...

Wreg, have you done beer can chicken yet? Either on the grill or in the oven, it is, hands down, THE best chicken you can make.