My Pick Up

I get my money’s worth from my big red pickup. Saturday it was outfitted with scuba gear and celebratory beer afterwards. Sunday it is a tailgate platform with grills, steamers, food, tent shelter, and stove tops.

Inside it is an old friend equipped with whatever I need. I can listen to St Croix Radio Stations, fire weather and traffic, Bloomberg radio, AM/FM/iPod, a GPS, updated sound, and plenty of cab room for stuff. Heck I even have TV on my iPhone.

At times it is a work horse towing my RV or horse trailer.

It has been the last ride of my dying dogs on the way to the vet or a complete joy ride for my dogs in the country.

Today it will be my commuter truck to the office.

Big Red is creeping up 250,000 miles. He’s starting to have some serious medical bills but for now I am aiming to keep him in top running shape. The alternative is a $50,000 truck with payments to go along. No thanks.

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Rock Chef said...

When this truck finally dies I think you should give it a proper burial...

Ken said...

I use and abuse my truck, but just like a dog it continues to give me all I need from it.