Miracles Do Happen

We thought we'd seen everything in politics, but yesterday was truly miraculous: There in the White House press room was none other than former Democratic President Bill Clinton appearing with current Democratic President Barack Obama to endorse the tax cuts of Republican George W. Bush. - Wall Street Journal

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Ken said...

Makes me sick that they had to give in to the thugs!

Rock Chef said...


Over here we are hearing great lines about parties not being too tied to election promises!

I call it false advertising - anyone else would be in court by now!

matshorts said...

i am glad to see compromise in order to get something done. He got some of what he wanted and the other side got some of what they wanted.

I didn't vote for Obama on what he promised nor will I ever vote on any politician for what they promise. I vote on the lesser of the two evils and the smarter of the two evils.