It is Winter

Dang...out of nowhere it is winter. The trees are stripped naked and it is cold all the time.

I guess it is time to do what I do in the winter.

It came through rather dramatically and I like that. It rained, got windy and picked the trees clean then left us with calm cold.

What was it that I do in the winter?

So cold that the coop heater came on in the hen house.

It is time to buy that snuggy I tells ya.

WARNING - Side effects may include: gas with oily discharge, headache or diarrhea.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

...that's a swell-lookin' coop de Ville ya got there...

Ken said...

Don't buy the snuggie, unless you plan on modeling it for us.

Denice said...

Than's one cozy hen house!