What Is Normal?

This is a picture of our last holiday dinner together with the family at my house.

It is about the only time now days that I wear a suit. You see Gigi has been so busy bleaching and starching those curtains that I just couldn’t sit there in my sweatpants and tee shirt.

Then Gigi walks in and presents the turkey and all of our family guests are so supportive and appreciative.

We have brought out our finest tableware because I know that deep in their hearts they appreciate the occasion.

All of the logical family generations seated before us beam in anticipation.

You see a meal is more than nourishing the body. It is an event, a gathering, a peaceful time of breaking bread, sharing and laughter.

Sounds about right, peaceful, joyful, laughter, supportive. Yep, this family eludes me mostly but it is Christmas and it is all I have.

Enjoy your Christmas.

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Ken said...

Have a wonderful day!

Why don't you leave off the tie this year.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

God, I dream of the day when we can all wear sweat pants whenever and wherever we want.

Merry Christmas to the chickens!

And you all, of course.

terri said...

We all have our versions of the "perfect" family holiday. Enjoy yours! And Merry Christmas!

Sigado said...

Look at that woman extend that 25lb turkey platter out there! Women from that era were strong. Few appliances to help out...My Gramma Earnest in PA could have probably beat me arm wrestling.