The Broad Side of a Barn

This old 3 stall barn I built 21 years ago with southern pine actually cut and milled on my property has taken on a whole new life.

Gradually it has resembled the International Space Station with the additions of the past few years and the nearby coop.

Here I make repairs to the water lines and get ready for summer. Winter here has all but given up and I don’t expect any more hard freezes but it is possible to the 15th of April on average.

In the back you can see the fuel depot (gas cans) that is set for a modernization to adhere to west coast standards.

At nearly $4 a gallon I am giving serious consideration to putting in a tank for Biodiesel. I can buy Biodiesel for $1 off the market price of regular diesel.

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Ken said...

It's true, your fuel depot wants some attention.

This is a test.

Peach Pod said...

You do know that you can make your own bio fuel without any special permits, right? Just a thought.