Our Creek

This is our creek that runs along our property. It ties me to the sea. It sold me on the property 22 years ago yet I spend very little time here.

Eventually this creek works its way down rivers in North Carolina and South Carolina and dumps in the Atlantic Ocean about 175 miles southeast in Georgetown, SC. The head waters are about ¾ miles away near a railroad track.

I used to imagine I would build a deck overhanging this creek and sit and listen to it trickle. I never did. I still might do it because I like this place. The waters in this creek run clear and run all year even in the dry summer.

We have had over the years many dogs and horses that played and cooled down in this creek. The creek is home to a variety of fish and crayfish, turtles and snakes.

Most of you don’t know that we live in gold country. Two nuggets were found right here in Midland, NC in a similar creek nearby and yielded a 17 pound and a 28 pound gold "nugget".

Midland, NC was the gold mining capital of the United States until the California gold rush of 1849.

I used to run gold panners off and now no one pans the creek anymore.

Enjoy my creek.

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Ken said...

Sweet little earth vein you got there.
Isn't high water season coming soon and will you canoe to Georgetown?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

My uncle and a friend back in the 1930s took a canvas canoe from Raleigh, NC to the coast down the Neuse River. It took two weeks and he talked about the trip for the rest of his life. I remember seeing that old canoe hanging on a garage back in the 1960s.

Unknown said...

I must say.. thar's one durn dandy crik....

Sigado said...

The deck shouldn't be just a square platform. It should have character and be part of the setting, not intrude upon it. Ya know, you should find a carpenter to build that deck...then you can timber oil it :-)

terri said...

I'll bet the deck over the creek happens soon. I know how you are when an idea starts forming in your mind.

It would be a great place to just sit and catch your breath and regain a sense of calm.