wReg Gets a Bit Mushy

Its funny how getting older motivates me. In less than 90 days I will be
55…double nickels... Sammy Hagar “I can’t drive….55!”

I see some friend my age acting very old. That is okay. I see some friends my age getting diseased and dying. Again it is natural.

I am the youngest of three siblings and am fortunate to have them all around to this day and I even have my 86 year old mother around who is a bright, alert, funny and incredible woman. I love to talk to her.

She is very independent and one of her favorite sayings when she does something completely on her own is, “I didn’t even need a penis to do that”, referring to her “can do” spirit and outliving two husbands that she relied on more than she needed to.

Life for me is enjoyed more the older I get. I guess it is like a tootsie roll pop when you lick through the hard shell and start getting to the soft center. Chocolate on chocolate is my favorite.

I know now that good times and bad times will come and go and both will pass. I know that friends and family are very important. Love binds everything.

I still feel very good physically and mentally my brain is alert and still about 17 years old as far as motivation and outlook.

So, I guess I am okay with 55. I’ll enjoy 54 for now.

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Judy said...

I like this post. As you know I will be 62 THIS month. I feel good and I am enjoying life just as much as ever! I too have peers that are OLD. I just don't feel old at all. Life is good. I have enjoyed it all and continue too.

terri said...

Love this post! You have a great attitude and I can relate to much of what you feel. As I get older, I care less what others think and I become more open to other people. Little things... simple pleasures become more important. I still say I wouldn't go back. I just want to keep moving forward, so I guess that's a good thing.

Unknown said...

I have two penises (peni?).

Rock Chef said...

Age is a state of mind, IMO. 17 is a good age.

Ken said...

17? Man, you should at least grow up to about 24 so you get a chance to know that you don't know everything.

Unknown said...

LOL @ Mic!!