What Do Ye Fancy?

Last night I decided to spin another piece of meat on the grill and this time selected pork tenderloin.

I divided it into thirds seeing that it is just Gigi and I. Then I applied crushed garlic and wrapped the sucker in bacon.

After and hour I took it off and let it rest 15 minutes.

Oh my….tender, moist, not at all greasy and the flavor of garlic and charcoal.

Now it occurred to me that if I bought a beef tenderloin and cut it in thirds, add a third pork tenderloin and a chicken in the middle then I would have the making of something very special.

A big chunk of salmon on the grill along side and I have covered the basic meat groups at once. This would be damn nice at a dinner party and not much trouble at all.

Tailgate item maybe?

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Rock Chef said...

Mmmm, sounds great!

I am hoping to pluck up the courage to try something like this myself this year...

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I'd throw a hotdog in there, just for good luck.

Jay said...

Phranfie is right. Anytime you've got the grill going, throw a couple of hot dogs on there too. Don't wanna waste good charcoal.

Also, anything wrapped in bacon is going to be yummy.

Ken said...

Jay is right, Phranfie is right.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Mic: You are right about Jay being right and about Phfrankie being right.

Rock Chef....go for it.

terri said...

You've invented the new Turducken! Except it's the Cowpiggen.